Air conditioners, more commonly known as aircon, have elevated home living in many ways. They do more than just cooling the room temperature, they also reduce risks of asthma attacks, insects infestation, and particle spread in your spaces, which is why it is imperative that they are maintained well. How? For starters, your aircon filters must always be kept clean in order for the unit to function well. Failing to keep the aircon filter clean has several repercussions.

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What Happens When An Aircon Filter Is Dirty?

A dirty aircon filter poses serious problems not only to your air conditioner but also to your health. Here are the repercussions of having a dirty aircon filter

  1. Disrupted airflow. A dirty aircon may restrict the airflow inside a room, which might cause uneven room temperature. Uneven airflow may also cause cool air to build up in the coils of the unit, which results in formation of ice. 
  2. Reduced system efficiency. A dirty, clogged air conditioner tends to use more power to be able to cool the temperature. So you may be wasting more energy and money in the long-term. 
  3. Increased risk of allergens. A dirty aircon filter is less effective in filtering out dust and other particles that may carry allergens, which is why keeping your aircon filter clean is highly recommended especially if you are living with children or other people suffer from asthma and other allergies.

Benefits Of Keeping Your Aircon Filter Clean

Maintaining a clean aircon filter has long-lasting benefits not only for your air conditioner but also for your environment. Here are the benefits of having a clean aircon filter:

  1. Long-lasting air conditioner. With a clean aircon filter, the air conditioner would need to work less to cool the room, preventing the compressor from being overworked.
  2. Less money spent on maintenance. A clean aircon filter would keep the air conditioner in its optimum condition, requiring less maintenance and repairs.
  3. Less carbon footprint. Carbon footprint pertains to the greenhouse gases, mostly carbon dioxide, that are emitted by the air conditioner into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases have been a long-standing global problem. But by maintaining your aircon filter, you can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  4. Maintains clean air. Dust and allergen particles are less likely to enter your room when the aircon filter is clean and fully functional.

Why You Should Routinely Change Your Air Conditioner Filter?

The ideal lifespan of an aircon filter is 90 days. If you are using the same aircon filter for more than three months, it may no longer work as efficiently even though it is clean. You may notice this when your air conditioner’s cooling and heating cycle starts to slow down. Although your air conditioner will still function with an old aircon filter, it is highly recommended that you replace it every three months and maintain it in order for your air conditioner to function optimally. The costs for the damages due to an old aircon filter may be expensive and more costly than replacing the entire unit.

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