One of the key things to know is when is the time to service your air conditioner. Regular maintenance is extremely important in the upkeep of an air conditioning unit in order to prolong its efficiency and tenure continued optimal function. If a unit fails to be serviced regularly, a steady decline in its performance is guaranteed.

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Experts Suggest Servicing Your Unit Once A Year

Ideally, air conditioners undergo maintenance every year, at the very least. However, the ideal time frame of servicing your unit ultimately depends on one simple thing, and that is on how much coolant your unit contains.

What Is A Coolant?

In simple terms, a coolant is what makes your unit produce cold air and it is what goes through the interior coils of your appliance. If your unit contains less than or exactly three kilograms of coolant, then it safely falls under the recommended once a year maintenance check.

However, if your unit contains 30 kilograms of coolant, we recommend having it serviced once every six months. Lastly, if your unit contains 300 kilograms of coolant, then the recommended time frame for servicing your unit is once every three months.

Is It Necessary To Hire a Professional For Air Cond Servicing?

While it is not always necessary to hire a professional, it is best to have an expert deal with these types of issues to prevent serious damage to your air conditioning unit.

For general maintenance,  you can do the following tasks. They are easy and simple but are important in the maintenance of your unit’s life span.

The first thing you can do is clean out the filter of your air conditioner. This is simple enough as you can just take out the filter from your unit and wash it down with water or, if the filter is not reusable, it can easily be replaced with a new one available that is available for purchase in stores. 

Cleaning the filter of your unit is important because it ensures that the air emitted by your unit is clean. This is also helpful if there are pets in the household or people who are sensitive to dust.

Another task you can do yourself is to inspect the general state of your air conditioner. Make sure that your unit is on a flat or leveled surface, has at least two feet of distance from any other appliances or furniture, and is not clogged by dirt, dust, pollen, and the like.

When Should a Professional Air Cond Technicians Be Called In?

If your unit is producing any strange noises, if it is not emitting any cool air, or it is consuming more energy than usual, then it is recommended that you have it assessed by a professional. 

For these types of cases, it is recommended that you seek expert help instead of trying to fix it on your own. 

It may be hard to determine the exact cause of certain cases, so instead of guessing, have your unit assessed by a registered provider.

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