Air Cond Chemical Wash

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The Importance of Aircon Chemical Wash

When you notice that your air conditioner is not performing the way it normally does, it may need to undergo a chemical wash. As the name explains, it is the process of chemically washing your air conditioning unit.

This is done regularly to extensively clean your unit from piled up dust, dirt, and toxic gunk that has accumulated over time.

Chemical washes are also recommended as they also solve the common problem of water leakage in most units. A chemical wash not only deeply cleans your air conditioner, but also extends its life capacity.

Additionally, it gives you cleaner and cooler air, saves you from multiple repairs to your unit, and lowers your electricity bill.

Air Cond Chemical Wash

Our Process: Aircon Chemical Wash

We bring high-quality services to all of our clients. For a chemical wash, we safely dismantle and clean the cover, front panel, and filter of your unit. The condenser is then chemically cleaned and unclogged to ensure a smooth water drainage system.

The coil and fan are also inspected and cleaned. Afterward, the electrical parts of the unit are checked and tested to ensure that the unit is working properly. Motor parts are then lubricated and heat timing is calculated.

Air Cond Brands That We Support

In AirCon Pro, we have experienced all types of air cond brands in the market. This includes Fujitsu, Hitachi, Panasonic, LG, Daikin, Mitsubishi, and York.

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What Should I Expect During an Aircon Chemical Wash?

There are numerous kinds of air conditioning systems, all serve one purpose: to provide cool air. 

Here are the types we commonly install in offices and homes.

Usually, a chemical wash is done if

  • There is a water leak
  • The unit is not producing cool air
  • The unit is not functioning properly

To avoid problems like these, it is highly suggested that you get a chemical wash. As the name suggests, the air conditioner unit is washed using a chemical-based solution. Here at AirCon Pro, our experts are equipped with high-quality equipment and safety gear. We carefully dismantle the unit and meticulously clean each part. Once the wash is done, we put back the parts of the unit and test its function. Before leaving, we always make sure that we leave the unit working better than when we started.

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FAQs About Air Cond Chemical Wash

What’s The Price of Aircon Chemical Wash

Due to the many kinds of air conditioner units, differing systems, and other factors, the price for an air conditioner chemical wash varies. However, you can be assured that AirCon Pro can provide the best and most affordable price.

Is an aircon chemical wash necessary?

Yes! An air conditioner chemical wash removes the toxic gunk in your unit which regular cleaning processes usually cannot achieve. From the filter, condenser, and evaporator, a chemical wash removes the accumulated dust, dirt, and slime.

When is it time to chemically wash my aircon?

When you notice that your air conditioner’s indoor unit and fan coil become extremely dirty, a chemical wash needs to be done. If you also want your air conditioner to work its best and last longer, it is advised to have it cleaned.

What happens if I don’t clean my aircon?

Failing to regularly clean your air conditioner can lead to serious damage to your unit. Instead of releasing cool air, your unit will produce the opposite and even cause poor quality indoor air due to dirt, dust, and gunk that has accumulated on the filter. It would also cause more problems, thus resulting in even more expensive repairs that will hurt your budget and electric bills.