Air Cond Service Selayang

Do you need someone to fix your air conditioning unit? Or probably someone who can install a new one for you? Look no further! Aircon Pro has it for you.

We provide quality air cond services in Selayang including installation, repair, chemical wash, and other air conditioning services. We work quickly and efficiently with any brand of air conditioners.

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Types Of Air Cond Service We Offer in Selayang

Aircon Pro offers all kinds of air conditioning services in Selayang,Selangor. This includes but not limited to, chemical wash, repair, and installation and many others.

Air Cond Service Selayang

Air Con Chemical Wash Service

One way to maintain your aircon is by chemical washing it. Dust and other small particles accumulate inside your unit causing a gradual decrease of performance. Some of these harmful particles even cause allergic reactions to the people living in the area. It may emit a foul odor and your aircon could even be not cold. 

Chemical wash can solve all these issues quickly and efficiently. Our company makes sure that chemical use is safe, government approved and free from side effects.

Air Cond Repair

Your air conditioning unit can malfunction after using a long time. You may see water dripping out from it often. You may not be able to turn it on, or it’s just not cooling sufficiently. At this time, it is best you contact us at AirCon Pro to help you with these issues. It is important to have your unit checked regularly to ensure it will run smoothly for a long time. An aircon that is running at its optimum will also reduce energy usage, hence reducing your electric bill. 

At Aircon Pro, we will first diagnose the issue without dismantling the unit. Once both parties agree on the quote, only we will proceed with the repair works. 

Air Conditioner Installation Service

The performance of your unit may depend on how and where you install it. If this is done wrongly, your unit might perform weakly.

Our team of professionals at Aircon Pro are well trained about the standard procedures. By hiring us, you can be confident that your air conditioning unit will be working well.

Why Hire a Professional For Air Cond Services in Selayang

Nowadays, almost everything can be done by ourselves. Online tutorials are everywhere, making people confident to do anything. However, when it comes to air cond maintenance, it’s risky to do it by yourself. Without professional training, intervening with the repair might cause malfunction and more troubles in the future.

So, why should you hire Aircon Pro’s professionals for your air cond services needs?

Prompt Services and Solutions

Aircon Pro’s professionals respond quickly and effectively to your air conditioning needs. They know how to get the job done in a fast-paced manner without compromising the quality of their work.

Trained and Certified

Our professionals are up-to-date on the latest innovations in the field. They go through regular training to ensure they are well prepared for the job.


Our professionals are well aware of how air conditioning systems operate. They know how to diagnose a problem well and fix it. All this is done efficiently, safely and conducively. 

Accurate Diagnosis

With regular training and years of experience, our professionals can accurately and efficiently diagnose the issue of your air conditioner.  

Price of AirCon Services in Selayang

Depending on the types of services by Aircon Pro, charges may vary. The price for a chemical wash, for example, depends on the type of unit you have and its horsepower. For repairs, you will have to consider the severity of repair work or if you need something to be replaced. In that case, you’ll need to look into the price of the spare parts. On the other hand, the cost for aircon installation services will depend on the amount of units to install and location. 

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