Air Cond Chemical Wash Kuala Lumpur

Looking for Aircon chemical wash service in Kuala Lumpur? Look no further, Aircon Service Malaysia provides chemical wash for your unit. Your Aircon will work like a brand new one after! Contact us today and get your FREE Quote!

Why Should You Chemical Wash Your Aircon

Your aircond is not working well as before, it is producing hot air and leaking water. This is the time to note that your aircon may need to be chemically washed. 

Chemical wash needs to be done at least once every six months. This is to prevent your aircon from collecting dust, dirt, germs and virus and accumulate it over time. Over a long period of time, a dirty aircon can generate germs and virus in the air, making you sick and cause allergies.

A chemical wash when done safely and correctly, can also extend its longevity. It will be working like it’s brand new and keeping the air clea and healthy. An efficient aircon also lowers the electricity bill as it does not produce additional energy than necessary.

Air Cond Chemical Wash KL

The Aircon Chemical Wash Process

With over 2 decades of experiences, our aircon service team located in KL is able to chemical wash your unit efficiently and safely. Firstly, your unit will be dismantle and the exterior part of the unit will be clean thoroughly. Our technician will then chemically clean the condenser and unclog the pipes to ensure smooth water drainage.

Other parts of the aircon will also be cleaned. The coil and fan of the unit will also be inspected and cleaned. The electrical parts of the unit will go through a thorough inspection to ensure all parts are in good condition. All motor parts will then be checked and lubricated. The heating time of the aircon will be calculated as well. This is to ensure there are no damages in the air con. 

Once the chemical wash is done and completed, our technicians will then fix back the aircon back into its original state. The aircon will now look and work properly, no difference from a brand new unit.

Air Cond Brands That We Support

We have handled almost every brand of aircons available. So you can be assured that you are in the right hands. Brands that with have installed previously are: York, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Toshiba, Daikin, Mitsubishi and many more!

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What Should I Expect During an Aircon Chemical Wash?

Regardless of the models and types of air cond, when your unit is acting up, not cooling properly and is even leaking water. It is time to have it chemically washed. 

A chemical wash should be done when:

  • Air con is producing warm air
  • Air con does not cool down the room
  • Air con is leaking water 
  • Air con is not functioning as smoothly as before

The aircon will be washed using a chemical-based solution. At AirCond Service Malaysia, all our products are high quality, government approved and safe for human and pets. The unit will be carefully dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. Once done, our technician will fix the parts and run the aircon. Your aircon will be working just like brand new. 

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For over two decades, we have handle all types of aircon related services. Chemical wash is what we do best. We are commited to get the job done right and ensure your aircon is in tip top condition by the end of the way. 

Our technicians are highly trained and undergo thorough trainings to sure they are updated with the latest aircon technology and are able to conduct their jobs efficiently.

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FAQs About Air Cond Chemical Wash

How Much Does It Cost to Chemical Wash My AirCon?

Depending on the types of aircon, location of the unit, and other factors, the price of aircon may vary. You can be assured that you are getting the best service with affordable prices. 

Is an aircon chemical wash necessary?

Yes! Its highly recommended to get your aircon chemically washed every 6 months. With regular washing, we can ensure your aircond will be running in smooth condition, reduce usuage of electric, extend its longevity and most importantly, producing cool and clean air.

When is the best time to chemically wash my aircon

Your unit should be chemically washed every 6 months to ensure its longevity. However you know it is time when it is not working smoothly, producing hot air and even leaking water.

What happens if I don’t chemically wash my aircon?

Dust, dirty and other small particles can be trapped in your aircon. Without regular chemical wash, it can lead to serious damage of your unit. It will start to produce hot air, cause poor air quality and even affect you and your family’s health. Some will even have bad allergy reaction due to the high allergen contents produced by a dirty aircon.

Often times when the issue gets too serious, you may even need to change a brand new unit. This will cause more money or even expensive repairs. This is why a regular chemical wash is highly recommended.