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Looking for affordable air cond services in Penang? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. We at AirCon Pro offer a variety of air conditioner services throughout Penang.

Air conditioning units have become a need in family homes. While they bring us comfort and convenience, aircon units are prone to problems that can lead to permanent damage or even expensive replacement of units if not appropriately maintained. To prevent having these problems, it’s a must that you consult a trustworthy aircon service company in Penang.

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Types of Air Cond Services In Penang

We understand that every homeowner will have to go through an air cond repair, whether it’s general cleaning or a major overhaul in the unit. It is essential that we have to keep our appliances, especially our air conditioner, in good condition to perform well even for a long time. That’s why we offer all types of air cond services in Penang at an affordable rate.

aircon general cleaning

Aircon General Cleaning

No matter how often you use your air conditioner, it will still accumulate dust through time. When you book an Aircon General Cleaning, your air cond will go through a general check-up.

One of our professional technician in Penang will look at which parts of your aircon have accumulated dirt. This service requires cleaning of the fan coil, air filter, drainage tray, condensation tray, blower fan, blower wheels, etc. Lubrication and tightening of electrical parts may also be required.

Air Con Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical & Overhaul Cleaning

An Aircon Chemical Overhaul is needed if you suspect that your aircon has encountered a problem with its performance. Some issues may include a reduced cooling from the aircon or the aircon is not switching on.

During this process, the technician will disassemble the unit, and each part will be inspected by a professional. The damaged parts will be repaired or replaced with a new one, and the rest of the parts will be thoroughly cleaned with a specific type of chemical.

air con troubleshooting

Aircon Troubleshooting

Some of the most common problems in an air conditioning unit are that it won’t turn on, thermostat glitches, or leaks. A professional technician will thoroughly inspect the whole unit to determine where the root cause of your unit’s problem is located.

Our expert technicians at Aircon Pro know what to do in troubleshooting these kinds of issues precisely.

air con gas topping

Aircon Gas Topping

Penang is a humid place, so we use our air condition units most of the time. Our units need to get a regular gas top up to perform well continuously.

If you do not know when to top up gas for your units, our professionals at Aircon Pro can explain the importance of gas topping and the best time to avail of this service.

Here are some scenarios: a gas topping is required when you see any water leakage in your unit, or when there is ice depositing on coils, when your unit goes on and off frequently, or when you do not get cold air from it.

air con installation

Aircon Installation

Installing your air conditioning unit at home can be daunting. While there are different types of air cond, they also have a particular way of installing it. If improperly installed, problems may arise.

Our technicians can help you properly install these units and suggest to you which area of your home is ideal for them.

Why Should I Hire A Professional Aircon Service Company In Penang?

Air conditioners should bring comfort to our homes, not stress or inconvenience. There may be some issues with your aircon that can be fixed easily on your own by doing some DIY techniques.

But when the situation gets worse, it’s time to hire a trustworthy professional aircon service company. Aircon Pro can help you along the way! Here are some reasons why you should hire our air cond services in Penang:

Reduces Air Conditioner Breakdowns

It’s a hassle if your unit creates major breakdowns, disrupting your relaxation at home.

Have your air conditioning unit get regularly checked by our technicians for any possible problems and have them fixed immediately.

They will also provide you with a crash course about air conditioning units and tips and tricks in repair in case you encounter some minor problems in the future.

Lower Electricity Bills

It’s a hassle if your unit creates major breakdowns, disrupting your relaxation at home.

Have your air conditioning unit get regularly checked by our technicians for any possible problems and have them fixed immediately.

They will also provide you with a crash course about air conditioning units and tips and tricks in repair in case you encounter some minor problems in the future.

Longer Air Cond Lifespan

Appliances such as air conditioning units require regular check-ups and maintenance because they need to run an excellent condition.

With the help of a professional aircon service company in Penang, they ensure that your unit is working efficiently and can fix minor problems if there seems to be one. Regular maintenance makes your unit perform in a top-notch condition and extends its lifespan for the long term.

Why Choose AirCon Pro?

Professional Team

We have a huge network of technicians when it comes to providing air cond services in Penang. With our database, we can match you with a certified technician in your area to provide air cond services.

Fast & Free Quote

With AirCon Pro, you can expect to get a free quotation from our sales team. You don’t have to worry about wasting hours finding the right certified technician to fix your air cond issues.

Quality Service

With our years of experience in the industry, we only have one goal in mind which is to provide top quality air cond servicing at an affordable price.

Air Cond Service Penang

What Our Customers Say About Our Air Con Services in Penang

We made a contract for cleaning services. It is very easy to book with AirCon Pro. The technicians are very professional and friendly. 

They arrived on time and get the job done. What I like most about this air-cond service is that they make sure everything is done right.

I highly recommend their air cond service.

Grace Law

Whenever I have issues with my air conditioner, I will always contact AirCon Pro.

They are one of the most affordable air cond service in Penang. Not only that, their staff are very friendly and answered all my questions regarding the entire process.

Quality and value for service provided. Highly recommend AirCon Pro!

Yuhui Wong

My experience with this air cond service company has always been great.

The staff assigned were very polite and serviced all of my airconds very efficiently.

The price of the aircon service is very affordable as well.

I would definitely contact AirCon Pro again in the near future.

Mandy Ang

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FAQs About Air Con Services in Penang

How Much Does Air Cond Service Cost in Penang

Our professional air cond service prices in Penang vary, which type of service you would like to book. But rest assured that you will get quality service if you book from Aircon Pro!

If you want to know more about our air cond services in Penang, please contact us to get the best quote.

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How Do I Know if my Air Con Needs Servicing?

There are a few signs that your air cond requires servicing. One of the most common signs is you notice that the air cond is not performing.

For example, the air cond is not cooling or heating properly, or there’s an issue with the airflow. If there are any signs, then it is a great idea to get it serviced as soon as possible.

How Often Should a System be Serviced?

Usually, when an air cond is used on a regular basis, getting it serviced once per year is usually enough. However, there are some system, we suggest to get it serviced twice each year.

If you are using it for commercial applications such as shops,restaurants, and etc, you will need to get the air cond serviced at least twice per year. In Typically, when an AC system is used in a residential environment for cooling only, one service visit per annum is generally sufficient. However, where the system is used in both heating and cooling modes, we recommend at least two visits per year.

In AirCon Pro, we also provide great offers and deals if you want to get multiple air cond serviced. Feel free to contact our service team for more information about our air cond service in Penang.