Air Cond General Cleaning Kuala Lumpur

Are you experiencing issues with your aircond? Unsure if you need a new one or a simple general cleaning will do the job? No worries, AirCon Pro is here to help you. We provide affordable and efficient aircond services here in Kuala Lumpur. We cater to all your Aircon servicing needs. Contact us now and get yourself a FREE site visit!


Why Should I Hire a Professional to Clean My AirConditioner?

Though cleaning your air conditioner may sound simple, it is more complicated than it seems.

This is why it is better to hire a professional to do it for you. And here at AirCon Pro, we are equipped with the appropriate skills and equipment to inspect and clean your air conditioner – may it be your at-home unit or at-business unit.

Aircond is avalable in almost every household in Kuala Lumpur. Though they are common, the aircond system is actually very complex. In the hands of the inexperience, cleaning the aircond may can serious, irreversable damages. It is best to leave the aircon cleaning to the experts. 

With over two decades of experiences, we have the knowledge and skills to handle any types and brands of aircond. We have a team of air cond service technicians based in KL who are highly trained and have all the right tools to ensure the whole process is done effeciently and safely. All our products used are government approved meterials and are safe to human and pets. Regardless if it is a home unit or for business, we are able to handle the job. 

Air Cond General Cleaning KL

Why Should You Choose AirCon Pro

At AirCon Pro, we have over two decades of experience. We are highly skilled in what we do and take pride to maintain our top notch customer service. Over the years, we have been consistently providing high quality, reliable aircond cleaning services for thousands of customers. All of our equipment are regularly inspected for safety and all materials used are government approved and safe for human and pets. 

With regular returning customers, rest assured that you are in good hands when it comes to aircond general cleeaning services. 

Air Cond Brands That We Handle

Over the years AirCon Pro have handled many different brands of aircond. We know how they function and how to handle if there is an issue in the aircon. These brands includes Fujitsu, Hitachi, Panasonic, LG, Daikin, Mitsubishi, York and many more.

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What Does Our Aircon General Cleaning Service Include?

AirCon Pro offers a very thorough and meticulous cleaning of your unit. We dust, clean, inspect wiring circuits, and condensate trap and drain. We also replace air filters, if cleaning them is not enough. Afterward, we do a wipe down of your unit to complete the process.

At AirCon Pro, we offer a thorough cleaning of your unit. First, we dust and clean the exterior of the unit. We then inspect the wiring circuits, condense trap and drain to ensure no blockage. If the air filter is damage, we will replace it as sometimes cleaning may not do the trick. Lastly, we do a wipe down of your unit and check that its running in good condition. 

What Should I Expect During Aircon General Cleaning?

Our cleaning service at AirCon Pro makes use of quality equipment to clean and keep your air conditioning unit free from problems. From the cleaning of the unit’s cover to its fan, base, evaporator, louver, and other parts, to the checking and a needed refill of the aircon’s gas, we’ve got you covered. 

We only use government approve and safe cleaning materials on your aircon. This ensures your unit’s longevity and it will run smoothly for a longer time. From cleaning the exteerior, to checking the system, parts of the aircond and refilling aircond’s gas, we will do a thorough inspection and clean.

Our services are as follows:

  • Cover cleaning
  • Base and middle frame cleaning
  • Fan cleaning
  • Evaporator surface cleaning
  • Louver cleaning
  • Outlet cleaning
  • Net cleaning
  • Checking of gas coolant
  • Gas refill
Aircon general cleaning KL

Got a question or want to make an appointment?

Here at AirCon Pro, be rest assured that your aircon unit will be inspected, tuned, and cleaned for optimal performance. Contact us to know more and get a FREE quote today!

FAQs About Air Cond General Cleaning in KL

How often should I have my aircon cleaned?

Your aircond should be cleaen at least once every year. This is to ensure your unit is always running smoothly and efficiently. An efficient unit also means less usage of electricity, reducing electric bill. 

Is general aircon cleaning necessary?

Yes, especially living in the city, the aircon will collect dust and dirt from its surroundings overtime. This may effect the quality of air it produces. It may also affect your health and for some, cause allergy reactions. 

For the best air quality and longevity of your aircond, we highly recommend to do regular cleaning with a professional. 

When is it time to service my aircon?

Here is a list of indications for a maintenance check-up. Have your air conditioning unit checked if:

  1. It takes longer than usual for your air conditioner to cool up the room; the unit’s filter may need to be replaced. 
  2. If your air conditioner becomes noisier than usual; the mechanical parts of your unit may have an issue. 
  3. If your electrical bill goes up from using your air conditioner; it is possible that the unit could have been installed improperly or dirt and gunk has affected its functionality.

It is best to know when to service your aircond. Read on find out when to have your unit checked and serviced. 

– The aircond takes a long time to cool a room. Sometimes producing hot air.

– The aircond is making weird sound. A broken mechanical part of your unit may need fixing or replacing.

– Your electricity bill has suddenly gone up, eventhough your usage has been consistent. This may indicate it has been using more energy to power the aircond. There may be a possibility of stuck vent that has affected its functionality. 

    How much does it cost to general clean my aircond?

    There are many factors to consider when it comes to cleaning a unit. Some factors are the types of aircon, condition of aircon, location of the unit and many more. However, we offer the most affordable price in KL so you don’t have to break your wallet. Contact us today and schedule an appointment to get a FREEE Quote & site visit!