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In AirCon Pro, we offer all types of air conditioner services at an affordable local price. This includes air cond repair, chemical wash,installation , maintenance and many more.

With our years of experience in this industry, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our services in Butterworth.

Not only that, we also provide aircon servicing in Penang.

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Types of Air Cond Services In Butterworth

To ensure that your air conditioner works well and last a long period of time, it is recommended to get it serviced on a regular basis. 

You must take care of your air conditioning unit to ensure its good condition which would assist in properly working for a long time.

This is why we always aim to provide our customers the best air cond services according to the problem in the unit. The team of professionals and technicians will assist you to diagnose the problem in your device and the services that it requires.

aircon general cleaning

Aircon General Cleaning

With time all the appliances get some general issues such as dust accumulations, loosening of some of the minor parts, and even in air conditioner units moisture can make the space for molds.

All this general problems are to be sorted out by getting a general aircon cleaning. In the general cleaning procedure of an air cond, your appliance will go through a general check-up by a professional techincian who will be examining every corner of the device to find the dust accumulation which would be then majorly considered while cleaning.

They also find out which parts of the appliance might require lubricating or tightening. This service will include cleaning of major parts such as fan coil, drainage tray, condensation tray, etc.


Air Con Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical & Overhaul Cleaning

This service mainly deals with the big problems related to your aircon. If your aircon is facing problems in getting on, cooling is reduced as compared to general and even if any of the additional features are not working then your aircon requires chemical and overhaul cleaning.

In this service, your aircon will be disassembled and would be properly inspected by the professional after which the damaged parts will be either repaired or replaced with the new one as per the need whereas the other parts will be cleaned up using a specific chemical.

air con troubleshooting

Aircon Troubleshooting

If you are facing a lots of problems related to your aircon, no matter whether it is regarding the turning on process, or even the gas leakages, our professionals here at Aircon Pro perfectly knows how to troubleshoot such problems.

Our well trained technicians will properly inspect your aircon and will determine the root cause that is creating the problems in your aircon.

air con gas topping

Aircon Gas Topping

Gas topping is one of the majorly used functions of the aircon especially when you are residing in a humid place such as Butterworth.

Sometimes it might be confusing for most of the users to determine when to use this service so you don’t have to worry because our professionals at Aircon Pro will explain you each and everything about gas topping and when you need to top up the gas for your aircon.

Some of the major situations when you might require to top up the gas are: when your unit is facing water leakage problems, when your aircon is facing the problem of getting ice deposited in the coils, when the aircon stops releasing cold air, etc.

air con installation

Aircon Installation

Aircon installation is not an easy piece of job, it requires proper knowledge to fix it in a proper place. As you must be aware of the fact that there are two units in general aircon which have to be connected through a duct.

This all setting and wall mounting process must be done carefully and if not done with proper attention can cost you a lot. So to assist you with the proper installation of your aircon our technicians will give their best and even suggests you the most reliable way of mounting it in your home.

Why Should I Hire A Professional Aircon Service Company In Butterworth?

Maintaining aircon is not as easy it seems to be, you might do some minor maintenance but when the situation is out of your control you must hire some professional aircon service company. The major reasons why you must hire the Aircon Pro services for your air don’t service in Butterworth are:

Reduces Air Conditioner Breakdowns

Our professionals at Aircon Pro will find the best possible ways to resolve the major breakdown problems of your aircon.

Additionally they will also provide you enough knowledge regarding several tips and tricks to repair your aircon if some minor problems are been faced.

But still they make sure to eradicate this problem which disrupts your comfort.

Lower Electricity Bills

If your aircon is facing problems no matter minor or major, then it will obviously consume high amount of energy to cool your room.

So it will be reliable to hire a professional aircon services rather than paying more than it for your electricity bills.

Our professionals will not only solve the aircon problems but also will prevent the further high electricity bills along with proper checkup of your aircon.

Longer Air Cond Lifespan

Air conditioners are one of the expensive appliances which you buy for your comfort and relaxation. But it will be of no worth if you are not maintaining it properly.

If properly maintained then an aircon unit can work long and then it would be totally worth it. So, to ensure the durability of your aircon unit, you must hire a professional aircon service company in Butterworth.

Price Of Air Cond Service in Butterworth

The price of every particular aircon services that we provide in Butterworth varies. Why?

This is because the price of air cond service depends on a various factors such as:

  1. Number of air cond
  2. Condition of the air cond
  3. Types of air cond service

To get an accurate quote, you can contact our team via WhatsApp or Email. 

Air Cond Service Butterworth