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When To Hire a Professional AirCon Service in Wangsa Maju

So, what are the signs that your air conditioning unit might need repair? Check out this list to know when you need to call a professional aircon service.

Air Cond Service Wangsa Maju

Warm Air

Feel the air blowing through the vents of your house, is it warm? If yes, then that is one of the many symptoms that your aircon needs repair. The culprit might be a restricted airflow or a damaged compressor. 

Water Leaks

We all know that your aircon unit needs a refrigerant to blow cool air to your home and produce condensation. However, keep in mind that it should never make your aircon leak water accumulates– it will never ever be like that! If it is, then it is a clear sign that your air conditioning unit is damaged.

You must call a professional aircon repair service right away for the leaks that may cause structural damages to your home. 

Bad Odor

If there is a pungent smell coming from your air conditioning unit, do not just let it go unnoticed for it can become even smellier as the days pass by. You must contact a professional aircon service for they will identify if it needs tuning up, cleaning, or a more technical solution. 

The bad odor may be caused by microbial build ups inside your air conditioning lamp. Professionals use UV lamps to eliminate them. And, as an important reminder, you should never use those UV lamps on your own for they can affect your health. 

Moreover, the ducts can also be the culprit for there can be small particles that accumulated in them over time. However, those ducts are really sensitive so do not try to do it your own.

We at AirCon Pro have a team of highly-trained technicians to address these problems. Therefore, if you notice any of these, don’t hesitate to call us!

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