In tropical countries like Malaysia, air conditioners are a common part of the household and are used almost every day as tropical countries are generally warm throughout the year. 

Air conditioners in hot regions use more power to cool the room. And when they are regularly used, minor problems may arise, which can cause severe damage to your unit. In Kuala Lumpur, the climate is hot and humid all year round, which is why air conditioners are used as frequent as 24 hours a day, making them susceptible to damages, malfunctions, overheating, and many more. 

To maintain your air conditioner, it is highly recommended that you consult a professional who is trained to troubleshoot and maintain your air conditioner properly.

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Qualities Of A Great Air Conditioner Technician

How do you know if an air conditioner technician is great or not? Before hiring an AC technician, make sure that he or she is knowledgeable about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. But it takes more than just technical skills to be a great AC technician, so here are the qualities that you must look for in an air conditioner technician:

  1. Good communication skills. Look for an AC technician you are comfortable conversing with. A great air conditioner technician can help you better understand your air conditioner’s problem and what’s needed to have it run at optimal capacity. 
  2. Great attention to detail. An AC technician with great attention to deal is necessary especially when your air conditioner is old or damaged. Troubleshooting will be much more effective when your AC technician knows what details to observe. When it comes to fixing air conditioning units, you cannot DIY it or simply research on the net how it can be fixed. You need professionals. 
  3. Licensed. AC technicians undergo short vocational courses and training in order to get certified. A licensed AC technician is knowledgeable on the safety measures necessary before repairing or cleaning appliances to ensure that the whole procedure will be safe and that your air conditioner will be repaired properly
  4. Time management skills. A great AC technician must have an organized schedule that he strictly follows to be able to do the tasks efficiently.
  5. Resourceful,  has experience, and a great problem solver. Unexpected problems may arise when dealing with severely damaged or old air conditioners, which is why your AC technician must be resourceful and quick-witted to be able to deal with emergency situations.

When Should You Hire An Air Conditioner Technician

If you are living in Kuala Lumpur, it is highly recommended that you get your air conditioner checked by an AC technician at least once or twice a year to get the compressor and condenser coil checked and the air conditioner filter and fan cleaned to avoid clogs and overheating. 

The electric components of the air conditioner must also be checked to avoid short circuits—a grounded compressor is dangerous and may cause disruption of power supply, damage of electrical plugs, and accidents like fire. KL is generally hot and humid throughout the year and the air conditioners are at risk of overworking, so it’s best to keep your units maintained.