Just like any appliances, your air conditioner can malfunction at times. One scenario could be water leaking from your unit that eventually puts your home in a mess. It can be simply because of improper installation, a changing weather, or a wear and tear.

Additionally, if you’re not an aircon expert, it could be a major cause of your stress now that you don’t know what exactly causes the issue. That’s why it’s important to know what are the possible reasons why your aircon is leaking water and how you can check it.  

In this article, we’ll discuss 10 common causes of air cond leaking water.

Several factors can contribute to the water leak coming from your aircon, and below are the possible culprits behind it.

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#1. Air Leak 

This always tops the list. For an air conditioner to function optimally, the air should pass through the vent well. If this becomes faulty, then air may leak. 

How can you check if you are experiencing this issue? You don’t need to be an expert to do it. Check your aircon if the air is leaking through the grates and around the vent. This is basic troubleshooting you can do to prevent additional leaks in the future. 

#2. Blocked or Dirty Aircon Filter 

A water leak can also be because of a dirty or blocked aircon filter. Technically, if the air is blocked, it will be frozen, forming ice crystals, and will eventually melt when you turn off or lower the temperature.

You can manually check your aircon filter if it is already dirty, or if something is blocking the air to pass through. 

#3. Broken Condensation Pump 

When your aircon’s condensation pump is broken, water eventually drips. Take note that the function of a condenser pump is to drain out the water in order to prevent future leakage.

To manually check a working condensation pump, try pouring water into the pump tank. If the float rises as you pour the water, it will activate the float switch which will eventually turn on the pump. Meaning, your condensation pump is functioning well.

#4. Leaking Condenser Coil

Your air conditioning unit has its condenser unit located outside of your house which, most of the time, accumulates debris and dirt.

In this case, your unit can experience blockage, which will eventually cause a water leak. In fact, it is the most common problem among homeowners.

#5. Clogged Drain Line

The drain line of your aircon can also get clogged because of the overaccumulation of debris, dirt, mold, and even fungi that grow.

Due to the accumulation of these substances, water flow gets delayed leading to excess in-water stock and spillage. If water cannot flow in the drain line well, water leak will eventually occur. 

#6. Improper Installation 

Improper installation of your unit can also be a major reason for a water leak. The front part of your aircon should be cooler than the rear part. In this way, you can be assured that the water will be drained properly, or else, a water leak may likely take place. 

If you’re experiencing a water leak, check if your aircon is properly installed as this can be one of the many reasons behind it.

#7. Poor Maintenance 

Just like other home appliances, if an aircon is poorly maintained, a water leak can happen. Always make sure that your unit is clean, and if the evaporator coil is working properly. If you feel like you haven’t checked everything, you can always seek the help of professionals. 

#8. Frozen Coil

An evaporator coil when frozen can likely cause water leaks. This is technically caused by a dirty air filter which is supposedly there to prevent the flow of air over the coil.  

#9. External Environment’s Temperature 

You may not have realized it but your external environment’s temperature also contributes to why your aircon is leaking water. Your aircon may freeze if the outside temperature is too cool, which can affect the coil later. 

#10. Clogged Condensation Line 

If the water is not collected and drained off properly, your aircon may leak water. This is because the air from the vapor of moisture condenses on the cold coil and later becomes water. 

If the condensation line is clogged, the water will eventually overflow and can become quite of a concern. 

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Final Thoughts 

A water leak is a common issue that almost everyone experiences, but preventive measures like regular checking, maintenance, and immediate replacement of faulty parts can go a long way and save you from the hassle of water leak. Although it is not always a major concern, when neglected, can cause you a penny and a headache.