When to Service Your Air Conditioner

It is important to get your air cond serviced on a regular basis can actually save you money and headaches in the long run. The question we often get is “how often to service your home air conditioner?”. Your home aircon should be serviced at least once a year depending on usage. It’s best to get it serviced before the hot season starts to ensure your system continues to function efficiently. Most people also ask if they can do DIY in routine maintenance or do I engage a professional for every service? Read the tips below to find out.

When to Service Your Air Conditioner

Service Your Air Conditioner For DIY Enthusiast 

Here are a few services that you can do yourself before you call a professional.

1. Changing Or Cleaning The Air Filter

The most important and easier way to maintain your aircon unit is to clean or change the air filter. You can locate the unit’s filter slot easily. Pull out the filter and give it a good washing. If its too dirty you can change it to a new one. Just slot the new one in the place of the old one. Be sure to buy the correct filter by referring to the manufacturer’s instructions.¬†

You may be wondering which filter to buy and how often you should change it. It all depends on your lifestyle. If your children have allergies then you may want to buy a higher rating filter to keep the air clean.  As a rule of thumb, the filter should be washed or changed every 90 days.

2. A Little Spring Cleaning Helps

After changing the new filter or cleaning it, it’s time to check a few more items. First, you must make sure all the air vents are clean. Next mixed a cup of bleach with water and pour it down the drain outside to prevent mold and algae growth which may block the drainage. Next on the checklist

  • make sure the outside unit is level
  • clean any debris that may clog up the outside unit like leaves, pollen, and twigs.
  • Make sure there are no obstruction of airflow at least 2 feet from the outside unit.
  • Make sure the insulation around the refrigerant lines is not compromised.

Safety Notes: Do not attempt to open the casing of the outside unit. If you really need to open it then professional help should be called to do this job correctly.

3. Rating Your Aircon Performance

After you have serviced and cleaned the air conditioner unit, it’s time to test its performance. Switch on the unit and see if it is cold. The aircon unit should cool the house and the unit should run smoothly and with minimum noise. Take note of how it performs generally. If the aircon unit has not been switch on for an extended period of time, it may emit some odour. It’s ok as the air conditioning unit is actually cleaning itself. After running for a few minutes the smell should go away.

When Do You Need Professional To Service You Air Cond?

Time to call the professional if the air conditioner unit emits some strange noise and not blowing cold air. You should not wait to service it. Running it in this condition can lead to a bigger repair job and if you are unlucky may lead to a total failure of your cooling system. There may be a gas leakage or a blocked outlet. All these problems must be attended as soon as possible to prevent further damage. While you are at it, you can set up a regular service regime with the professional service provider. Peace of mind and no downtime will keep your family happy and productive.

If you need your home air cond service in Malaysia then you don’t have to worry. We have a team of qualified technicians to help you to solve your air cond problems. Just contact us for a free quote. We are here to serve you better every time.